Über Mich

I am Eva.

Meditation teacher, nature lover, music enthusiast, intuitive soul, … and live in the wonderful Offenbach am Main. 

The words positive, emotional, emphatic, organized and honest can describe me approximately well. But of course there is so much more behind it! Here you can learn more about me, my education and my career.


❀ B.A. Media & Creative Industries Management – accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg
❀ Meditation Teacher – Buddhist Monastery Buddhas Weg – B.I.E.K.
❀ Buddhist Psychology, Coaching & Meditation with Lharampa Tenzin Kalden – Buddhist Monastery Buddhas Weg
❀ 400h Breathwork Facilitator – Alchemy of Breath 
❀ Breathwork Fundamentals – Dan Brulé
❀ Wim Hof Method Fundamentals 

Further training

❀ Buddhism and Modern Psychology – Princeton University
❀ The Science of Wellbeing – Yale University
❀ Continuing Education for Trainers – Forrest Yoga

Apart from that, I am constantly educating myself on my focus topics in order to expand my range of experience. I am very passionate about my work and there is so much to discover. A true gift!

What else is there to know about Me?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Media & Creative Industries Management and worked for two years in a management consulting firm. After a setback in my health with stress-related hearing loss and tinnitus, I decided to take the path of healing and rededicate myself to my original core of being.

We can learn an incredible amount for ourselves from particularly challenging phases in life. I, too, have gathered my experiences and have been able to learn a lot for myself. I know what it means to restore my inner balance and what strength that often requires. How you can learn to shine again. I would like to support you in this process as well. Within the framework of my courses and mentoring sessions, I would like to offer you a protected space to regain your balance and to allow what needs to be overcome to come to the surface.


"How we shape our days depends so much on our perception and attitude. If we live each day consciously and in mindfulness, there is the potential of pure happiness and pleasure in every day. Therefore, let's practice together how you can live more in the here & now and enjoy your life to the fullest through breathing, meditation, small exercises from traditional knowledge as well as modern practices."


I draw strength and inspiration from my greatest passion, music, my creative work with visual design and especially nature – e.g. in the form of gardening in our 600sqm garden, collecting knowledge about plant medicine or hiking. And I am a really big animal lover and especially dog lover!

Nature has incredibly great healing powers that we often cannot fully comprehend or have forgotten about. My first approach to healing is always the natural one.

Every day I try to speak a little more from my heart to reach you & others with it, too. Time and again I like to try new things, to leave my comfort zone and to expand my experience and constantly. To experience and learn new things, to understand myself and others better and thus not only to heal myself, but also to be able to pass on some of this healing – that’s what drives me.

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