Hey you - glad, that you're here!

May you return to your
Origin of Mind and bloom!

My name is Eva Lang, I am a meditation teacher and Breathwork Facilitator.

No matter at which point you are at the moment, I am here to help you to come even more into your power, to find peace and to develop a peaceful mind. All qualities for this are already in you as seeds, in the origin of your consciousness.

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That’s me


My name is Eva, I live in Offenbach and I am a constant explorer of what is going on inside us – of happiness, what is good for us, what can heal us and the deeper meaning. My journey began with physical yoga practice in 2013 and I am now a meditation leader, Buddhist Psychology Coach and a Breathwork Facilitator.

You can read more about how I changed from a management consultancy to a completely new path and what else there is to know about me here:

"I wake up and smile. Twenty-four brand new hours lie ahead of me. I want to live every moment of the day fully aware and look at all people with kindness and compassion."

Thich Nhat Hanh

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