Meditation - Tidying up the Mind and Spirit

Why meditate?

Giving the flow of thoughts time to rest is incredibly valuable for our mind, our performance and the health of our brain. Our so-called “monkey mind” often takes on a life of its own – all the thoughts pelting at us and our little monkey runs wild in our head. When we meditate, we give our mind the space it needs to process events. We find clarity, can recharge our batteries and concentrate better afterwards. You can meditate in many different ways – for example in silence, in movement or with sound.

How to meditate correctly?

Meditation is about perceiving and letting things be in this moment as they are and accepting them exactly as they are. Perceiving, feeling, allowing and accepting what comes. Only when we accept and feel our feelings and thoughts can we process them and let them go. You can make a meditation out of anything if you want. Washing dishes, taking a shower, going for a walk – all of these can be a form of meditation if you are mindfully aware of what is happening in that moment.

” When meditating, you are not allowed to think!” Not being allowed to have thoughts is an often misunderstood image of meditation. The purpose of meditation can be to let the thoughts go repeatedly and not give in to the turmoil of thoughts. In doing so, we learn to let go more easily, worry less, and train our attention and concentration skills.

“Meditating is not for me.”

Meditation muss weder langweilig noch einseitig sein. Wenn es dir schwer fällt, lange still zu sitzen, gibt es zahlreiche andere Formen der Meditation. Es gibt z.B. bewegte Meditationen im Gehen, Meditationen mit Visualisierungen, Meditationen mit den Sinnen. 


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